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HFSA has moved ALL REGISTRATION to an online system just click the button below

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Jennifer Farley: (320) 296-6157  rjfarley@mchsi.com

Megan Karg: (612) 741-0608 megan.karg@gmail.com

Amber Munoz: (612) 986-8043 aamunoz33@gmail.com

Andrea Schwartz: (320) 583-7746 aschwartzrae@gmail.com

Off Ice classes:

I am so excited to have Scott with us! Our first week of ice went really well!  Scot really enjoyed working with the girls. I will be sending out an email from Scot for the skaters “homework”. If you are interested and not signed up..you can sign up at any time..just let me know so I can add your skater to the list. I will be there this Sunday so be ready for some jumping, balance and position work.

To answer some of your questions…Our plan is to continue indefinitely with this off ice throughout year/season.  Times will change for summer as I know families have other commitments on weekends.  I will communicate closer to summer. I will communicate any time/place changes monthly.  Payment..We are charging monthly not weekly because I need a definite number of commitments for Scott and myself to come out and continue. It is too hard to keep track of  7 skaters one week and 20 the next.  So I am sorry if there are some times that you have to miss.  Thank you! to those of you that have paid, if you have not please send a check to me.  I am taking the payments vs. HFSA as I have to submit payments to the arena for rental and to Scott.

HFSA Camp:

Here it is!  I have attached information for our very 1st HFSA summer skating camp. We are so excited to be rolling this out!  The skaters will have an awesome time.  All the information is in the attached flyer..there are some details that will be emailed out a later date once registration is confirmed.  Our website is not up for registration quite yet but I wanted to get this to you to start planning and explain what this camp is all about.  Email will be sent when registration is fully functional.  Will be very soon:) We will be having an end of camp challenge and cookout to bring all of us together and celebrate before our HFSA ice time starts.

Summer Ice:

Summer registration is not available online as of yet, working on that with the camp..will be soon.  I have had numerous questions about summer ice and private lessons.  The only private ice time is week 1  PRCE ice 245-345pm before HFSA ice time starts.

The 1/2 hour open ice/competition half hour is NOT private ice sessions.  There will be coaches on ice to help with routines and guiding freestyle routines for competition and testing routines or for the girls to work on their elements.  We will be adding private ice time for a few hours on Sunday evenings during our 3 week summer sessions but definite times are not finalized due to hockey as of now.  I will send out sign up emails for coaches and ice time availability when it is closer.  We also will be having ice time Wednesday evening June 24th before the camp for the girls to brush up on skills.  Again, email will follow with exact times.  Please be patient as we are working with ice coordination right now.

Summer Competition;)

Summer competition will be held in Cottage Grove,MN on Saturday July 11th.  I will email out forms when they become available.